Crypto Logger For .Net 2010

Crypto Logger For .Net 2010: Crypto Logger For .Net: Flexible and high-performance logging framework. logging and live-logging. It enables you to glean useful information from logged data to facilitate bug-fixing, pinpointing customer reported issues, monitoring, tracing and analyzing the execution of your software in real-time, and much more! Crypto Logger is the ideal logging framework during development, on production systems or on remote customer sites. Crypto Logger consists of two parts - the logging library and the logging console: Logging

Keylogger Spy Software 5.0.1: Keylogger keyboard logger keystrokes recorder key logging tool record all key
Keylogger Spy Software 5.0.1

Keylogger keyboard logger keystrokes recorder key logging tool record all key press monitor computer activity Keystroke logging typed website urls chat conversation messages microphone sound capture screenshot/snapshot. Keystroke logger keyboard tracking utility not detected by antivirus software. key logging software keystroke recorder keyboard monitoring tool support all Windows OS like Windows 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP.

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GVH Logging and Debug Library 3.0

Super 32-bit logging and debugging tool for C and C++ developers.No more slow stepping. Just include logging macros in your source. The library will write info to a logfile and optionally to a real-time scrollable window.Suspend/resume, detect memory leaks, log function-call stack, disable/enable all logging or specific types from any point in your app, hex-dumps, performance measurement and much more!

logging, debugging, realtime

LucidLog.Net 1.0.0: Efficient logging tool for tracing and monitoring .NET and ASP.NET applications.
LucidLog.Net 1.0.0

logging library with functionally rich API - Flexible output to multiple logging targets - Logging rich run-time context information - Logging and monitoring of local and remote applications via TCP/IP - Logging and monitoring of multi-threaded and distributed applications - Powerful LogViewer application for receiving, viewing and analysing logs with various filtering, highlighting, navigation and search features Other Features include: - Logging

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Chronos for AutoCAD Chronos for AutoCAD - Automatic Time Logging for AutoCAD, Job Log, History Log
Chronos for AutoCAD

Chronos for AutoCAD - Automatic Time Logging for AutoCAD, Job Log, History Log, Task Log Chronos is a time logging software solution for engineering organizations that use AutoCAD. Chronos allows managers to easily document the time spent by engineering personnel in the production of models and drawings. Each user that accesses AutoCAD is logged into the system. Elapsed and edit times, along with various drawing attributes are recorded.

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Log4Net Dashboard 2.2: Log4Net Dashboard and viewer web application, view and analyze the log4net log.
Log4Net Dashboard 2.2

L4NDash extends the benefits of using the Log4Net logging framework. Developers and system administrators will benefit from a centralized overview of the log and the easy way to analyze and filter the log. L4NDash have a summary pivot table which instantly gives the user an overview of the logging situation. The initial layout of the summary table can be customized through configuration, and in runtime through filtering. From the summary table

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PHP-Script-Logit 120.423a: PHP-Script-Logit is a logging tool for PHP debugging
PHP-Script-Logit 120.423a

logging tool for PHP debugging. For those of you who, like me, develop PHP in Notepad, it`s really nice to have a little logging tool to keep a watch on what is going on in my PHP scripts. Just use the simple Logit function together with this desktop tool to monitor your PHP scripts. The desktop app is very simple and requires no installation. The PHP logging script is under ten lines of PHP. Perfect for anyone who does not developed PHP in an IDE

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